RC pilots

RC pilots

The Picolario 2 is the successor of the well known Picolarios. It is housed in a stainless steel tube,

which makes it nearly undestroyable. Since the introduction in 2012 there has been NO REPAIR necessary due to a crash !!!

The well know 433 MHz and 462 MHz (FRS in the US) telemetry was adapted to support 2.4 GHz backchannel telemetry. Currently Futaba, Jeti, Hott and MSB ist supported. The software is updateable through Micro USB. 433MHz is optional, cause the 433MHz transmitter is in a seperate housing which is connected through a cable.

The Pico2 is the variometer with the lowest noise (2-3 cm/s) on the market ! You can log altitude with 40Hz on SD card, while hearing to announcements.

Currently there is only view information cause http://www.picolario.de is only in german. For english manuals please contact me directly under info@renschler.de

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