About us

1987 I developed one of the first Computer based varios named Early Bird.

1993 I left Hewlett Packard (R&D engineer) and introduced the Solario. The Solario is a "cult product" and still sells in 2017.

1994 the SOL series has been introduced. First solar powered instrument with display.

1998 introduction of the Telario Talks as one of the first good working varios for RF pilots. Speech synthesizer was expensive at that time.

2001 the shrinked version Picolario Talk was introduced

2007 CoMo makes GPS available to all pilots and 140 hours operation with 2 AA cells is still good in 2017

2012 introduction of the Picolario2

2012 bis 2015 Entwicklung diverser Sensoren (TEK Vario, Stromsensor, Geschwindigkeitssensor) für ROBBE

We speak english with a slight swabian accent.